Tuesday, June 10, 2014

all boy {snakes and superheroes}

Sometimes the late afternoon hits and we find ourselves in a bit of a funk -- we're tired from nap skipping, we're waiting for Dad to come home, I'm lacking ambition to start dinner.  Not a good time for starting a big project or getting super dirty -- but it's a perfect time for an "adventure" walk.
No supplies needed, except maybe some binoculars or paper towel tubes to use as telescopes, or a jar for collecting specimen, or a blanket to use as a comfy spot or a cape. 
On this particular day last week we were hunting for snakes.  Didn't find any, doesn't matter; we still found adventure.
We "flew" through the grass and down the hill with our wings and capes.  {Well, I didn't, because I had Maisy Lou wrapped up on my chest.}
It doesn't take much to transform a little boy into a superhero.
{Thanks, Tiny Gram, for all the quilts you make -- they are perfect for this sort of thing.}
Running down a grassy hill is certainly one of life's simple joys -- works wonders for bored, antsy boys.
Owen carries his bike helmet down.  He can't take it off himself, so he often spends much of the day wearing it, until I notice and ask if he wants help unbuckling.  Just a part of little brother syndrome.
A spring-summer walk; a cure for restlessness; a pre-supper energy squeeze.

Linking up with iheartfaces this week just for fun.  {My 'all boy' entry from 2012.}

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