Saturday, July 19, 2014

drawing lately

We've been doing some drawing on the front porch on rainy days lately, and I'm loving it.  I'm no preschool skills drill sergeant around here.  Mostly the boys do what they like, and mostly Bob isn't much into coloring or drawing.  And usually when he does color, he does everything in pink or purple, and that's it.  But I saw this idea a while back and wanted to try it, and because I let him skip out of rest time Bob obliged me and tried too.  After that he was hooked, and we ended up making a bunch more in the next few days, since we had plenty of afternoon rain.

You can see that Bob's first picture turned out to be more of a color experimentation, but his next one actually came out as an animal!  (A cat -- he drew his on the back of mine.)  We also made a slew of caterpillars, not pictured.

Meg explains the project here.  Clearly she is a much better artist than I am {my owl doesn't even have a beak for goodness sake!} but no matter -- Bobby thought my drawings were awesome.

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