Thursday, July 17, 2014

two months

Dear Maisy,

Oh, this age is so sweet.  Your great big smiles, they come from nowhere and they melt my heart!  You are happy most of the time; you just want to be with us, and we feel the same about you.  Bobby and Owen cannot get enough -- it's kisses and hugs all day for you, precious one.

You're eating well, sleeping well, growing well... at your two month checkup on the 7th you weighed in at just under ten and a half pounds, and measured 21 inches or so.  It's amazing how quickly you've transformed from a wrinkly little newborn to a chubby chinned baby!

As much as I wish I could halt time at every stage, the growing is okay too, because getting to know my daughter?  It's pretty rad.

I love you so.

xo, mom.

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