Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Maisy at three months {cuteness overload}

Did I say two months was the sweetest?  Because I meant three.
I'll let the photos from the past few weeks try to tell the story of the joy little Maisy Lou brings.

This face!

These feet.
 We've graduated from the Moby wrap to the Ergo.
 Kissing footsies:
 A little photo shoot in a little vintage dress:
 Picnic lunch.  Maisy doesn't eat yet but she does enjoy tree watching.
 A photo by Bob.  Not bad!
 Maisy's preferred sleeping spot: in her king size bed.
 She just wants you to smile at her all day and she'll smile right back.
These brothers are over the moon for their baby girl.  Pupper openly proclaims Maisy to be his favorite person in the family.
 Bobby reading to Maisy = one of the sweetest things ever.
Check out Bob's camera skills.  {Lest you be too impressed, I set the settings and he snapped 20 shots quickly, 18 of which were completely blurred.}
 Maisy and one of her great grandmothers.
 Her first bottle!  Not exactly a feeding success, but most definitely a cuteness success.
 This face.  I mean... no words!
And then... Pupper and I discovered the adorableness of headbands.  And Pupper gave his baby sis one of his bracelets.
 This onesie was Bob's -- a baby shower gift from Jakes!
Stop it right now with the white bow, Maisy.  Too much.
 This girl.  She is just so darn precious I can't stop smiling and snapping at her.
Cutie girl on the go.  I haven't purchased much for Maisy girl because no need -- but one thing I did buy and love is the aden + anais burpy bib.  It's the perfect shape for hanging over your shoulder and gives nice total coverage as a bib with a small snap to keep it in place.  The fabric is super soft, and gets softer as you wash it.  Perfect for drooly little three month olds.
Maisy Lou will rarely take the sucker, but once in a while she's been known to go for it.  Here she's indulging me with a hands free meal at the fish fry last Friday.
Maisy's leg warmers inherited from Owen.  My sweatshirt inherited from Cass.
 Passed out mid-change when I was called away for some other emergency.
 And... a little three month photo shoot, just because.
Better than her pacifier, she likes her hand and her "little paw" as the boys affectionately it.
 Comfy and content.
 Giving the weird boys some weird looks.
 This girl -- what a delightfully scrumptious little person she is.  We are just too lucky.

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