Wednesday, August 22, 2012

baby leg warmers

Ben loves to make fun of these, and pretty much every person in my family has asked, "What are those?" but despite all the ridicule I think Owie is absolutely adorable in them, and I've come to consider leg warmers to be an essential baby item.

So many reasons...

change a diaper without taking them off.
put them on or take them off without removing baby from car seat or stroller.
scrunch or stretch to adjust amount of leg coverage and toastiness.
protect little crawling knees.
show off cute cloth diaper bum.
more colors and patterns than you find on pants.
tight not baggy so you can always admire those chunky legs.

I could go on but it might start getting a little ridiculous.

Ours are Zootie B. Littles.  I bought them on zulily for a savings of a few dollars a pair.  (zulily = daily deals for moms and kids.  Click here for in invite.)

Hope all's swell with you and your legs are staying nice and warm.

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  1. Love it! We have some Baby Legs that I'm a little sad the boys are too big for now. I think it's just the cutest! :)


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