Thursday, August 16, 2012

grocery shopping's not for girls anymore

Two important components to a happy grocery shopping trip: race car cart & free cookie.

Stop & Shop is literally one of Bobby's favorite places to go.  The other day in the car, not wanting to go home Bob said, "I just like going to... Gram's, Imperial Bowl, Stop & Shop... and... a hotel."  So, it's top four at least.

Once or twice I may have said, "Keep your eyes open for a race car cart."  Now every time we drive into the parking lot Bob says, "I have to keep my eyes open because if I close my eyes I won't see any race cars!"

I'm normally a Price Chopper girl myself, seeing as how working there was my high school career, but the race car carts there don't accommodate an infant car seat, and that's a deal breaker for now.

Owen doesn't have enough of a handle on sitting up unassisted to get through a shopping trip any other way, but he is mature enough for a quick bank/free cookie stop.

Owie's first time riding in the grocery cart like a big kid:

Love those munchkins.  It'll be fun when they can sit together and steer; but of course then it'll also be double trouble with two jumping in and out...

{PS>  Someone should invent a race car cart that's a little easier to maneuver because those things are beasts to steer.  During the course of one shopping trip I normally knock over a display or two and have to apologize to at least seven other customers.  You try to blame your horrific driving on your kid, but most people realize he's not really the one in control of the vehicle.}

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