Friday, August 31, 2012

Whitney's Farm

I started a post about this place last fall but never published, so prepare yourself for tons of photos times two.

Here's last year...

for some reason or none, bob smacked this pony.

and then he felt really bad about it.  i think that's the only time he's ever hit an animal.  he's normally a peacemaker and pet lover.

i think he really believed he was going to be able to pick this up...

I think Bob might love Whitney's even more this year than he did last.  We've been known to go twice in one day.  And I like it too because -- it's free, there are swings for Owie, and so many yummy treats inside, like buffalo chicken dip and giant chocolate chip cookies... mmm.

Here's a day a couple of weeks ago when we went twice... (what a difference nine months makes!)

steering is still one of his all time faves

he can climb all the way up all by himself!

he's getting good at interacting with other kids at the playground with awesome comments like, "extuse me, may i pwease have a go now?"

owie loves to swing.  like most babies do.  (that little green blur in the background is bob.)

We'll be back, Whitney's.  Many times, I'm sure.

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