Wednesday, September 5, 2012

header outtakes and the best music videos ever

Owen has just recently mastered (or at least somewhat gotten the hang of) sitting up.  But before that, a couple of weeks ago, I brought this basket outside to help him sit for some photos.  Bob, feeling a little left out I suppose, and apparently unable to resist Owie's snuggly cuteness, decided to dole out some brotherly lovins for the camera.

{If you view my posts in your email, you don't see my blog's "header" -- you can click here to see my blog for real.}

On a totally unrelated note...

ok go makes the best music videos ever.  and they have a new one {needing/getting.}  it's awesome and you can watch it here.  (make sure you click to watch in full screen.)

white knuckles (starring rescued dogs) was bob's favorite when he was owen's age; i whipped it out yesterday when owie was needing some distraction and he was mesmerized.

and let it go/this too shall pass is my favorite.  showed it to bob yesterday and he watched it over and over.  then we made our own little rube goldberg.  good music; good brain stimulus.

back soon.  promise.


  1. i find it upsetting that you vented on mavis' blog. if you have a problem with her just kindly unsubscribe or send her a personal email. her blog is the best part of my coffee break. clearly you find your blog better.

  2. hmmm... at least i didn't post anonymously like you just did! I like Mavis and her blog a lot; I just wanted to express my opinion to her before I unsubscribed because I do like a lot of her posts (her avocado/corn/black bean salsa recipe changed my life for the MUCH better)... I just don't need 3-4 coupon posts every day, that's all. so. there.


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