Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall, a poem by bob

Fall is here for real, eh?  I guess I was in denial for a bit, still thinking the weather might turn hot again and I might get to go swimming just one more time.  But I'm crossing over into acceptance of autumn.  The pups have been wearing jackets and sweaters; I got a little bit excited and sentimental over a holiday display at Michael's this weekend; Bob had hot cocoa with his bedtime snack tonight.

A day taking care of these precious little ones can be draining.  In every way.  Toddlers can be frustrating.  You spend all of your time and energy taking care of this little person whom you love more than anything on the planet, acting selflessly and loving on him constantly, feeding him and clothing him and playing with him and taking him on adventures -- and then he acts like a total brat and it makes you feel like throwing in the towel.

But you have to remember...  He's two.  He has feelings just like we all do.  He's still learning how to respond to those feelings.  The hour was creeping close to 1pm -- way past lunchtime and clearly into what should have been nap time...

So, yeah.  Super frustrating when pup throws a big fit in Barnes and Noble because you won't buy him some kind of book gift set including a must-have mini batman flashlight.  Frustrating and embarrassing and a tiny bit frightening and depressing.  But also -- it happens.  To the best of us, to the worst of us.  It's my job to keep cool when little pup can't; to show him how I react when things don't go my way; to love him even when he's tired and hungry and suffering from a case of the gimmies.

And, the point of all that was to say, I'm tired.  And I don't feel much like writing.  But I was thinking about fall and I remembered a poem Bobby wrote last year.  Well, I compiled some of his almost-two-year-old observations/early sentences into a poem.  I dug it up; here it is.

What's that sound, Mommy?
I see leaves falling down.
It's not too hot.  It's not too cold.
It's pretty bit warm outside.
I sure do love pumpkins.

No photos tonight; I'm too tired.  I'll sneak something fall-ish in tomorrow.

Update: as promised, the pics...

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