Monday, September 24, 2012

a weekend home

We spent almost every weekend of the summer away, and I want very much to catch up here on all our adventures, but first let me just celebrate a weekend home for once.

We rescued our house from what appeared to be a clothes dryer explosion coupled with the mess makings of a dozen or so toddlers and a mountain of junk mail to make you think we were saving kindling for the winter or something.

We (meaning Ben) painted a wall of wood paneling in our bedroom.  I said I was going to paint the cracks white.  I started working on it during nap today; in the short time while both boys were sleeping I was able to paint 2 3/4 lines out of 23 or so.  More bad news: a second coat will definitely be necessary.  Is all this painting worth my time?  I'm having serious doubts.

But anyway, since our bedroom furniture's all wonky and the air's filled with hazardous fumes, we spent our weekend home sleeping in the living room on the pull out couch, with our air mattress on top.  Gotta admit, it's kinda fun.  Especially for Bobby.  He's loving snuggles in bed watching TV.  We just discovered a new series on Netflix -- Busytown Mysteries -- and Bub's obsessed.  He's exactly like me and Ben when we have a new show, wanting to just keep watching episode after episode.  Ok, let's be honest.  It's not just Bob.  It's Owie too.  We need to finish up this painting project pretty soon before the tv addiction gets out of hand.

The other thing we accomplished this weekend: an impromptu family photo.  This may be the last one we get before Christmas, so I have to save the best ones for our card, but here's a preview...

my hoodie is new and was almost free because my mother in law used my zulily referral link; thanks, chris!

We had lots of cute downtime, including...

brother bath

and a new game: pet pit

Oh, and I know you want poop updates, so here's one: Owen switched to solidish poops on Saturday.

That's our weekend.  It was lovely.  Hope yours was too.

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