Monday, September 17, 2012

aaron and christina's wedding at the lace factory

so many things to catch up on it's not even funny.

how about a little quick one from three (!?) weekends ago... aaron & christina's wedding!

the new mr. and mrs. d are awesome because: 1. their wedding was super fun.  2. they let our kids crash it.  3. as newlyweds they've already spent a weekend in the berkshires; classy.

shut up and show us the pics, you're thinking.  or i'm just saying.

trolley transport from reception site to wedding ceremony and back = happy pup

outdoor ceremony + new toys = happy pups

i'm in love with this shot of four of aaron's cousins...

gorgeous school served as the backdrop for the ceremony...

so... if you're an avid bob follower you might recognize bob's getup from easter a year and a half ago.  yeah, he doesn't get out that often i guess and he hasn't grown a whole lot bigger.  it started as: we'll just try it out and what do you know, the shirt fits; then: the tie's not so bad but the hat will be too small; to finally: bob insists on wearing the hat also.... and we thought he was the bomb regardless but in the pictures it's easy to see how badly he needs new dress attire.

Before we went into the Lace Factory for the reception we walked across a little road to a train station, or platform more likely, and happened upon this beauty.

Bob was super excited to see the Little Red Caboose that saved the train.

Some photographer scouting the location asked if we wanted her to take our picture; I'll rarely say no to that.  The kids are like, who is this lady?

A story: that necklace I'm wearing above was Gram's, and while we were at the wedding Owen pulled at it and broke it.  I was sad and Bob could immediately tell; he leaned over and put his arm around me and patted my back and said a bunch of nice things like, "I'm sowwy your netwace bwote, mom.  It's awwight.  Are you otay, mom?" and on and on, kissing me and looking at me lovingly.  My heart was so warmed by my boy's sensitivity that I almost didn't even care about the necklace.  (don't worry; i have all the pieces; it's fixable i think.)

Thanks to a new Captain America toy, the Peanut Shell sling, a fun indoor/outdoor venue, and a laid back bride and groom and family, we were able to stay for most of the festivities and had a really great time.  For a night we were cool again!

Thanks, A&C!

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful wedding (that reception looks amazing!)...your boys are pretty freaking cute too! (And that's so sweet how Bobby comforted you...what a cutie!)


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