Monday, August 20, 2012

birthday {28}

I just exported all these birthday pics as "angie 29th birthday."  wowza -- don't even know how old I am, and the saddest part is that apparently I feel a year closer to 30 than I already am.

My birthday was pretty cute -- low key and relaxed and no expectations, particularly since it fell on a Tuesday.

We met up with our playpals Betsy and Shane at the lake in the morning...

Then we all came back to our house for lunch and more play, and parted ways for nap time.

When Ben came home from work we met a few of my favorite peeps at Zen's Dog House for dinner.  Bob's not so into sitting in restaurants, so the outdoor area in the back was perfect.  Bob played ladderball, cornhole, and horseshoes, while we ate and drank and were merry.

(It was that guy in the white shirt's birthday too.  I was a little pissed because he got way more presents than I did.)

Owie Bowie was there too but he was tired; Ben had to take him for a quick drive to put him to sleep -- and that's how he stayed for almost the whole time.

Bobbert thinks he is a dog, so he had fun running in and out of the "pound."  (He just knows dogs go to the pound; apparently he doesn't realize it's not a place they want to go.)

'Til next year, I'm 28.  Seems like I'm starting to get a little old.

Remember cutie Bob on my birthday last year?  Watch HERE.

And this year...

(I think recording this little voice is my new birthday tradition; melts my heart every single time.)

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