Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter Weekend 2010

I know this post is quite delayed, but at least it's still spring and no other major holidays have passed, right?  Here's a little peek at our Easter weekend.

Late Friday night arrival at Gram's:

Some cute shots of my niece Bailey and my mom enjoying Bailey's first ice cream cone on hot Saturday:


Bobby's (and Bailey's) first topless Jeep ride/off-roading trip:

(Bob slept through most of the ride.  And, by the way, what a great invention this is -- for wintertime or for combining babies and Jeeps: JJ Cole Original Infant Bundle Me - Graphite.)

A stop for more ice cream (gotta live it up on such a beautiful day):

Yet more Bailey (because she's so darn cute and I don't get to see her all that often):

Bob and Gram wore matching brown and blue puppy jammies that night:

Second day in a row with no top on the Jeep -- on our way to church Easter morning:

Bob and Spec, the two tiniest cutest things at Easter dinner:

(The sunglasses belong to Bailey, not Bob.)

My niece and nephew Chloe and Mason and I colored some eggs. Note the pale colors that result when one is as impatient as Mason is.  (Ben painted an egg too, but sadly he wasn't part of the photo shoot.)

And here's a little photo shoot of Bob with the egg I painted for him.  He broke it pretty much immediately.

And this is after he tasted it:

There you have it!

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