Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First foods

This past weekend Bob made his foray into the consumption of "solid" foods.  I thought it might be time because Bobby has been acting even hungrier than usual (didn't know that was possible!) and besides, he'll be six months old soon.  Plus, you never know, maybe this will help him get through the night?

We started on Saturday with just a taste of the standard recommended baby rice cereal, mixed with breast milk to a practically liquid consistency.


He didn't seem to be a big fan of the taste (I don't blame him), and most of the cereal ended up dribbled down his chin, but he did manage a few swallows.

The next day, Sunday, we tried the same thing again.  This time he got a little more into it.

Take #3, on Monday, he ate the whole tablespoon and wanted more.

Ben and I also became the proud owners of a food processor for the first time in our lives.  It's like we're real grown-ups.  First we tested it out and made chicken salad.

But the primary purpose for the food processor (as you may have guessed) is to make baby food.  We started with carrots.

I gave Bobby a little taste just for fun.

He seemed to like the carrots a bit more than the cereal.  Maybe because they actually tasted good.

Here are the carrots.  (I got the ice cube tray idea here.)

We did sweet potatoes next:

Then went for a walk and Ben (sort-of) let me take his picture:

Here's the food all frozen and bagged:


On take two with carrots (Tuesday) Bobby got maybe 5 or 6 good swallows down before he got impatient and wanted his usual dinner.

Same thing went for today -- he was into trying the food, but before long he was whining, "where's my boob?"  I can't say I mind... I think it's amazing how he has thrived and grown to this point just on his mother's milk.  For me, breastfeeding has brought a great deal of satisfaction and joy.  Even with all of the pumping and bagging, I wouldn't have traded it.  And I won't... hopefully we'll keep it up for six more months at least.

And now, if you don't want to hear about BBMs (a term I just invented for baby bowel movements), stop reading.

So... Bobby hasn't pooped since Thursday... is that a problem?

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