Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dear Bob, you are 11 months old (yesterday)

In honor of your eleven month birthday, here are just a few of the things I love about you:

I love how you hold up what you're playing with when I walk into the room and say "sat, sat."

I love how you still have a little trouble crawling over my leg when I'm sitting with it stretched out on the floor.

I love how you snuggle the ducklings in your touch and feel book.  I wish I could get some live ducklings for you because you seem to long for the picture in the book to be real.

I love how you "rescue" your blankie from your crib for a snuggle.

I love how you rapid-flip an object that you've just picked up over and over to check it out on all sides, you little future card shark you.

I love when you sleep with your bum sticking up in the air.

I love the look on your face when you're about to grab something you really want and know you aren't supposed to have, such as the tv remote.

I love how observant you are -- a bird in the sky, the sound of a plane, a microwave door left open, a new toy snuck into your toy basket, a football on TV, a dog's collar jingling...

I love how you say star: "dah."

I love your new favorite hobby: looking out your bedroom window.  You can just barely see over the ledge when you stand on your tiptoes.

You've also figured out how to climb up onto your stool (which was my stool when I was a wee one), and that makes it all the better.

I love how your feet get caught up in the legs of your footy pajamas.

I love your scrunchy face.

I love your "whoa" face.

Here you are exactly eleven months after you were born:

I love you, buddy.

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  1. So cute! And his "woah" face is awesome!!! :) Sad to hear you're moving...hope everything goes well as you get packed up!


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