Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My baby loves words

Bobby LOVES words.  He loves to look at them, he loves to watch lips form them, he loves to try and say them.

The consonant sounds he can make are: b, d, f, h, m, n, p, s, t.  I think that's it.  Sorry, Bob, if I'm selling you short.

Some new words he's picked up since I last wrote about it...

He calls me "mama" now!
"ah-suh" (not sure how to spell his baby talk) = outside
"dah" = star (he points out star shapes all over the place)
"tuh-tuh" = turtle (his new obsession is climbing on the tank)
he also knows duck, very similar to his sounds for dog and bird

He copies lots of other words, but those are all the ones I can think of that he says on his own.

A couple of weeks ago Bob was sitting in his high chair, finishing his food, when he started freaking out about a ball he could see.  Ben and I said to him something like, "Whose ball is that?  Is that Bobby's ball?  Can you say, 'my ball?'"  And -- very intentionally and seriously, looking me in the eye -- he said it: "ma ball!"

Bob has also started asking for his cup when he's thirsty.  "Puh, puh," he says.  I love the happy and proud look on his face when I whip out the cup and he realizes that I understood him and I'm giving him what he wants.

Just yesterday we realized that Bobby can read!  Ok, he can't read, but he is beginning to recognize written words.  I haven't had a chance to do too much testing yet, but he definitely knows "ball" and "dog" (surprise, surprise).  I set out five flash cards across the room in front of him and said, "Bobby, can you find the word ball?  Go get the word ball."  And he crawls over and grabs the correct card!  I've got it on video. Maybe I'll get that out here on the world wide interweb somehow.

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