Friday, October 14, 2011

October weekends

Last weekend we went out to the North Shore for our friend Joe's wedding and I took almost zero photos.  Lame.  But here's a quick synopsis:

1.  The Zobas are awesome for putting us up and letting Bobby play with all their stuff.
2.  Cass and Kara are the best friends ever for taking amazing care of Bob all day and staying with him until 1:30 in the morning after I finally got him to go to sleep.
3.  Bob used a Spanish word for the first time without prompting: zapatos.
4.  Apparently Bob loves dressing up in high heels and trying to walk around.  "I'm so pwetty wight now."
5.  Seeing cool faces we haven't seen in a while is amazing.  (Hence I kick myself for not being the paparazzi and coming home with face souvenirs.)

This weekend we went camping out at Pop-Pop's.

Can I just interrupt myself and say, This little face makes my heart ache with love?

Ben and I still enjoy most of the same things now that we're parents, except now those things are even better, because we're sharing them with this amazing tiny little person whom God used us to make, and for him every single day is a great big discovery, and we get to be the ones to guide him in beginning his journey, and to witness the miracle of every single moment that exists if you just open your eyes and ears and look and listen.

Bobby was totally into camping this time around -- I think he finally was really able to get the full experience.  When we went in the summer it stayed light so late that by the time it was dark he was exhausted and missed out on all the playing with flashlights and watching the campfire.

Ben and I have an awesome super romantic two person sleeping bag that makes camping twice as fun.

Bob of course had to get up super early...

... so we got some special mother-son time before the men joined us, eating blueberry muffins and apples straight from the tree at our campsite.

"I want wide vuh toad pwease."

Bob and Bailey are pals for life.

Tractors and headphones.  Pop Pop's place is a wonderland.

Bubby loves the woods.  He loves walking himself, stepping over (and often tripping over) sticks and pine cones and saplings and whatnot.  He was on the lookout for bears and deer and bobcats and chipmunks.  Every noise -- "Did zou he-ah vat, Mommy?"

Gramps is expanding the pond, so right now it's surrounded by dirt and rocks.

Throwing the rocks into the water was absolutely Bob's favorite thing about camping.  He woke up in the morning and said, "I have fwow tons wocks.  Pop-Pop needs me fwow vose wocks in vat pond."

He kept trying to pick up rocks that were sitting on the edge or over the edge, and almost falling over but miraculously catching himself.  Making me a nervous wreck.

Grabbing an apple from the tree whenever we felt a little hungry was delicious and fun.

The weather was absolutely perfect for camping.  We couldn't have asked for better days.  It actually helped  me appreciate fall quite a bit more than I have been... I guess it's time to quit hoping for an Indian summer.

The guys love playing disc golf... I usually sit out because the frisbee doesn't usually go where I plan for it to and even if it does I can only throw it about 15 feet, so... I'd rather take pictures or read.

The toad is another of Bobby's favorite things about Pop Pop's (and mine, too).

While Bobby threw rocks and played trucks I took pictures of him and the cool reflections in the water.

Dusk came and my battery died and that was the end of my documenting.  Sometimes I suppose a dead camera is a blessing in disguise though, because otherwise I have trouble putting it down.

Bobby's been begging to go camping again ever since we came home.  I'm afraid for this year he's pretty much beat... but hopefully we can squeeze in a campfire or two at least.

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