Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another sad goodbye

Yesterday we traded in the Jeep for a more family-friendly vehicle.  [insert uncontrollable sobbing]

Normally the scariest thing about buying a new car is spending the money... but this transaction made me sick to my stomach over giving up my very first Jeep, aka my lifelong dream fulfilled.

We went to the dealership planning to just take a look around, at this one vehicle in particular, and ended up leaving with it.  And leaving Jeep alone in a car lot just before the big snow storm.  Oh, my heart.  I was not at all emotionally prepared.

In a way it's exciting having a fancy schmancy new car, with power locks and windows and heated leather seats and a sunroof and a rear seat entertainment center and parking assist and a hundred other features I will probably never understand... but in another way it's just so so sad.  Feels like I'm giving up a part of myself.  I'm a total mom now instead of a totally cool mom.

When I took Bobby out of the driver's seat for the last time he cried and said, "I can't even steer this Jeep anymore.  I can't even ride in it anymore!"  Luckily Ben was able to hold it together and keep us positive.

A little photo shoot was a necessity, of course...

Not the greatest view of our new ride since it's just the back...

I asked the car salesman to take a couple of the whole fam, but he wasn't the greatest photographer...

Also, when I see photos of myself I sometimes wonder, "Am I a total freak?"  Seriously, do I even know how to dress myself?  Green Airwalk crocs, pink striped sweater under long brown sweater under black vest, hair in a messy bun off to the side.  Do I pull it off or do people see me and think, "yikes maybe one kid is enough, lady."  I really don't know.  Nor do I usually care.

Anyway, Jeep is gone from the family, but not from our hearts.  I think I'll have to stop by and visit occasionally until she's sold.

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