Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Just pretending"

"You're just pretending," Bob says when something starts to scare him a little.

It's cute that he understands the nature of pretend now, and it's super fun that he actually does a lot of pretending himself.  I'm still sometimes surprised that my baby is a kid.  (Tonight he insisted that he was a "big kid;" I said, "Do you poop in a diaper?"  "Yes."  "Then you're not a big kid.  You're a little boy."  Maybe that'll sink in sometime.)

Today I was working on my 2011 slideshow dvd for the family's christmas presents and Bob was amusing himself with his Little People.  I had to take a break to spy on his pretend time banter...

A couple of my favorite lines, just in case you missed them:
"How was your day, guys?"
"Are you okay up there?  I am Bobby."
"And don't walk up there.  It's dang-- peligroso.  Peligroso."

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