Monday, February 20, 2012

Bob on cheesecake {Happy birthday, ben}

Yesterday was Ben's birthday -- 31.  Ooooh, getting old.  (Happy birthday, babe!)  We laid low for the day, then my Mom and Tom came over to watch the little people so that Ben and I could go out for dinner.  Two hours out of the house by ourselves -- first time in a while.  We had to wait for longer than we liked but ended up getting a table right next to the fireplace downstairs at the Old Forge.  It was a pretty cute date.  Thanks very much to team mom and tom for holding down the fort; Owen is pretty needy for me (or my boobs usually) in the evening so I know it wasn't easy.

When we got home a couple special people came over for cheesecake.  And Bob got to have cheesecake at the time he'd normally be getting ready for bed.  And he liked it a lot.  First thing he said this morning was,  "Cheesecake is out there, and Alice is out there."  ("Alice" would be my cousin Nate's girlfriend Alison.")

Here's a video of bobby being bobby -- taken after the company had gone and we were trying to get him settled down in his room. You have to crank up your volume and listen carefully for bob's impressive sound effect at 2:53.

Thanks, Bubbs, for providing us with endless entertainment.

And, thanks, Ben, for being such a wonderful love to me and our boys.  You are my favorite.

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