Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dear Owen, you're one month old.

Five weeks now actually, because you keep my arms occupied so often that I don't have a whole lot of time for blogging.

You want to be held pretty much all the time, and we oblige because we love you.  I've got you cozied up in the Moby wrap now to free up my typing appendages.

I don't think I take quite as many photos of you as I did of Bobby at this age, only because I'm busier taking care of both of you now.  I think you might get photo-tortured a little bit more though, as I try to set up the perfect shot.

You love to nurse.  You eat a lot, plus you just like to hang out by my boob.  Sometimes you pull away and let the milk spray everywhere.  Kinda inconvenient getting covered with milk, but very funny watching you get milk-fountained in the face.  At your one month well visit on the 17th your weight was already up to 9 pounds, 14 ounces.  Little piglet.

You've been smiling a lot, but I haven't been lucky (or diligent) enough to catch you with my camera yet.

You love to be swaddled and snuggled.

You'll usually only take your pacifier if you are holding our fingers with your hands.  You love to cuddle.

You are super ticklish, especially on your lower back and feet.  Meaning, you get super irritated if we touch you there.

You have an umbilical hernia and your bellybutton is pretty much always bulged out.  Looks a little gross, but when it does go in your belly is adorable.

You stick out your tongue a lot.

Like, a lot.

I love your tiny little toes and feet and legs.

love your alert little gaze, the way you already study everything around you.

love your fuzzy newbornie hair and soft newbornie skin and teeny newbornie bum.

You've liked the bath so far -- a quick whimper when your body first touches the water, then nice and calm.  Here you are in your first tub time...

and your second...

You are a little tough guy; yesterday Bob threw one of his little people and it hit your head but you didn't cry, you just stuck out your little lower lip for a minute to show that you felt it and then you were fine.

You're a pretty good sleeper, but for the past week or so you've been insisting on being awake and restless at 5am.  Some days I am so tired I just can't stay awake.

You don't pay a whole lot of attention to Bobby yet, but he likes you a lot.  "I wanna peek at him.  Just look at him!  He's so cute!" Bob'll say.

We are so very thankful to have you in our family, Owen.

We can't wait to watch you become you.

But we love you so much already.

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