Thursday, February 2, 2012

Twelve and thirteen days later

Listening to The Ladder, by Andrew Belle.  (Tried to share with you on playlist, but they don't have it.)  "Woe is me."  I'm feelin that.  But actually, I'm feeling a lot better.  Bobby tells me at least once a day, "Mom, you-ah pa-jay-jay is huh-tin."  Yes, buddy, it is.  Thanks for remembering.

But really, I'm feeling better.  Thanks to God for giving us these amazing self-healing bodies to live in, and thanks also to Ben for being the sweetest husband ever and trying to do every single thing for me.

It's day twelve of being a mother of two.  Owen is winning major points in the favorite son battle because Bob's been a little bit of a stinker since we've been home.  (Just kidding, there's no favorite son battle, and even if there was I think Owen would have some catching up to do, because Bobby's been working on me for more than two years now.)  Big brother loves baby brother, and he doesn't show any outward signs of jealousy, but the shift in routine has been a little tricky for him -- suddenly he's crying at bedtime and mealtimes (honestly today went a lot better though), which is super frustrating and annoying, but I keep reminding myself: it won't last.

when i put this blanket on the couch bob calls it "soft couch" and can't stop snuggling it

And neither will this perfectly precious newborn period, so I'm really trying to drink it up.  Owen is a total sweetheart of a baby.  Hardly cries, champion nurser and sleeper.  He had his two week appointment today and he already weighs 8 lbs, 2 oz, up from 7 lbs 14 oz at birth.

Right now he's sleeping next to me in his Fisher Price Rock n' Play Sleeper, because clicking and typing are easier this way.  This was the one new piece of baby gear we purchased for Owen, other than new washcloths and pacifiers and a couple of swaddling blankets and irresistible outfits.  I saw an ad for this cradle in a magazine and thought it looked like exactly what I wished I had when Bob was an infant, and so far it's been perfect for Owen -- nice and cozy so he doesn't startle himself awake, nice and light so we can easily move it from room to room, nice and slim and just the right height for next to the bed, and it rocks which helps a lot with arm-to-cradle transfers.

That was last night, before I got too tired and quit.  Tonight I don't feel like writing, so I'll just drop in some photos and call it a day.  I think I just need to go and cuddle my newborn.

For the record, Bob was really good again today.  I've pretty much re-taken over most of his care for the past couple of days, so maybe that's helping.  Tonight I was clipping his toenails while he sat on the bathroom counter playing with a wallet and one of the nails shot up into my eye.  I was groaning from the pain and looking in the mirror freaking out trying to get the tiny sharp toenail out of my eye and Bob leaned down and said, "Are you otay, mom?"  "Not really," I said.  "Poo-ah mom.  Pooah, pooah mom."  I may have noted a tone of sarcasm but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and be touched.

Some more of what bobby's been up to...

icing his toes after a little injury

playing laundry basket guy 

finally had his two year checkup

this pose means one of two things: "i am about to poop in my diaper" or "i just pooped in my diaper."
how about pooping on the potty, dude?

skunky rocker

being helicopter tom in his helicopter tom helmet
(that's from Fireman Sam)

he loves dice

helping out

all dolled up for his first outing since the trip home from the hospital

good to see that owen already realizes his dad is a weirdo

Took our first family walk since my lady parts were ripped open again... fortunately Ben didn't think to take the camera because I was dressed like a super freak in one of my stay home all day outfits plus moby wrap, which always adds a certain crunchy flare.

As soon as I came out Bob just started pelting snowballs at me.

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