Monday, July 30, 2012

Dear Owen... six months.

Dear little owie bowie, you are six months old.  Half a year goes by SO fast.  You change so much so quickly, and every single day I wish I could bottle you up just as you are.  Your chubby cheeks are so yummy.  Your little belly and arms and neck and chin are all so ticklish and you giggle like crazy.  You want everything, you reach and grab and now you can just about crawl!  You curl up your legs and then extend launching yourself forward and onto your arms.  Then you struggle to get your arms out from under you and do it again.  Using this technique and some well placed rolls, you're really starting to get around.

You absolutely adore your big bro.  Your face lights up every time he appears, and you reach your chubby little fingers out to him for hugs.  He loves YOU too.  He loves to make you happy by snuggling you and bringing you your suckie.  Sometimes he brings you toys, sometimes he takes them away; we're working on that.  It's beautiful to watch your brotherly bond form as you become a little person.  Bobby can't wait until you can really play -- and that time is coming quick!  You actually do love toys and books, and you're just starting to get mad when I take something from you.  You love getting your hands on paper; you can devour a whole sheet in minutes.

You love water -- the tub, the kiddie pool, the big pool, anything.  You're crazy -- totally don't care if you get water in your eyes or half choke.  It's pretty hilarious.

You love to just cuddle in bed and nurse and paw at my face and smile at me.  Those times are some of the favorites of my day.  You're a little bit of a stinker when it comes to leaving my side AT ALL.  Some people might say you're a LOT of a stinker, but I really don't mind much.  I love being your mama, and I love being the one thing that you want and need most for this phase of life which, in the grand scheme of things, is so very short -- too short, I'm sure I'll say one day.  You can cling to me as much as you need to, baby.

when you miss me you try to dive into my arms.

you jump and hop and lunge like a maniac.

you wrap your little arm around my neck and hold onto my hair.

you love to "make out" as i call it -- just open mouth kiss all over my face.

Dad loves you too.  {by dad.}  and oh yes he does.  You get so happy when he comes home from work.  You crane your little neck to see him and smile at him.  For most of your life you did a lot of crying for dad, but suddenly over the past few weeks you totally love him and only give him a hard time when you're really hungry or tired.


Wrote all that above a week ago, and over the weekend and since then you made huge advancements with your crawling and playing.  Suddenly you were all over everything.  Dashing from toy to toy and grabbing everything you wanted.  A couple of times we had to take things away and you were not pleased in the least.

And since I wrote that, another week ago, you've become even more kidlike than I could have thought possible in that little time.  This stage is crazy because you're discovering and changing so much every day.  I love watching your little self emerge!

Now for lots and lots of photos from the last couple of months since I last wrote...

We love you, Owie Bowie.  So so so much.  More and more every single day.

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