Thursday, July 5, 2012

a couple of sick pups

My pups have been sick for almost three weeks now -- what a bummer of a start to summer!  They have this lingering runny nose and cough thing, and over the weekend Bob developed an ear infection... Not fun times around here.  I feel like I'm so behind and distracted and whooped that that's about all I can say today, but I'm tired of saying nothing so if this is all I can muster -- so be it.

A couple pics of my little sickies...

Saturday Bob was still feeling the virus, and also just wasn't himself... so we thought ice cream might cheer him up...

"ice tweam is dood for sick pups, isn't it?"

Sunday was Bob's real low point -- woke up with a fever and barely moved all day...

blankie ear snuggle

two suckies and a drink

passed out next to mom and dad's bed

(first time ever falling asleep on the floor, except in his room i think)

Sunday night was rough: Bob needed me pretty much all night, and Owen needed me a couple of times, too.  Tired angie is not a happy angie.

Monday we went to the doctor; bob's ear infection confirmed (first of his life); antibiotics prescribed; much better by evening.

At this point, pup's doing pretty well, he's just exhausted... lack of sleep and appetite have finally caught up to him, but today he's been sleeping like a champ, so hopefully we're getting back on track.

Owen started off with a minor ear infection but he's been happy as a clam for a couple of weeks now; he just can't seem to get rid of his cough and runny nose.

little drooly booger face
We're hanging in.

I'll be back soon with better stuff.  Promise.

Hope you're all doing swell.

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