Friday, June 29, 2012

Two and a half foot tall fireman

Way back in the middle of May, Bob got to drive a bunch of real firetrucks, not just once but twice!  The first time, we happened upon them at Kervin Park.  Bob walked right up to the firemen and said, "Excuse me, can you open those doors and get me up there so I can drive your firetruck?"  The firemen were so nice and let him try everything out.  Then that weekend, or maybe the next, a whole bunch of fire trucks were on display at the mall for some reason, so he got to do it again.  Dad and Uncle James and Bailey all came along for this one, too.  And of course Owen and I were there as well, but we were unpictured as usual.

Oh, and don't let Bob's ultraserious expressions fool you into thinking he's not having the time of his life; it's just that for him, this was no joke; he is Fireman Sam and there were people to save.

One more oh: The soundtrack is Backdoor Man by The Doors -- Bob's new favorite song, "the screamin in the beginnin song."

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