Monday, June 4, 2012

MASS MoCA {the land of photo ops}

My mother in law was around a couple of weeks ago so my mom skipped work and we went up to MASS MoCA; I'd never been.

Here's what I loved about MASS MoCA: the photo ops were endless.

Here's what I didn't love about MASS MoCA: there was absolutely nothing for kids.  Everything is strictly "no touching" which is a little unfun with a two year old.

I suppose I don't have the greatest appreciation for or understanding of modern art, but this instrument explosion exhibit was pretty cool.

Bob was killing me because he wasn't the least bit interested in having his photo taken, but MASS MoCA would be an awesome place for portraits.

The Kidspace gallery had an "Under the Sea" exhibition, but art that appeals to children is actually just a greater form of torture: everything looks so fun to touch!

The best part for Bob was our nursing break at the outdoor exhibit "12 picnic tables"...

... which he pretended was a house.  Pretty sure it wasn't intended for climbing, but... too bad.  How getting about some climbable art?

Here's how Owen experienced the majority of the day...

That's me.  Just a cool lady taking two babies and two grandmas to the art museum.

It was worth the trip because my mom's sweet boss gave us free passes, but I don't know that we'll be going back anytime soon.

{I'd love to head back for a portrait session, though.  Interested?  Email me here.}

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