Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another weekend road trip

My grandmother thoughtfully brought to my attention that in my last post I failed to mention the final stop of our road trip last weekend at my cousin Joe's high school graduation party.  I also failed to take a single photo while we were there because I was too busy stuffing my face with delicious food and supervising Bobby in the pool and stopping my relatives from feeding frosting to my baby.  But at least I didn't totally fail at showing up like I did my cousin Kelsey's a couple of weeks ago.  But really that shouldn't even matter because I didn't even go to my own high school graduation party because I didn't have one because I didn't want to.  So.  There.  It happened and I didn't record it.  I spend 20 hours a day caring for babies so when I blog nowadays I'm usually half asleep.  And besides, this is my outlet and I can write or not write whatever the heck I want.  Sue me.

This weekend we did another overnight -- this time to Connecticut to visit Ben's mom and meet up with a friend we hadn't seen since our wedding and... other stuff.  Probably won't name it all.  As usual on these trips, my picture-taking was spotty and mainly focused on my children, but here are some highlights...

The drive was gorgeous -- one of those days I couldn't stop taking pictures...

Some sections of the Mass Pike really are beautiful...

And the clouds that day!

In a pinch, Bob used his empty fluoride prescription bottle as a little cup in the car; perfect portion for a recently potty trained traveler.

My husband is a handsome safe driver.

We made it to Groton without any problems.  Bob was super excited to see Grandma's two little dogs.  "Where's the third pup?" Bob says.  "The third pup is right here; me!"  And then he gets down on the ground to wrestle with them.  Unfortunately I failed to get a photo.

Bob loves the playground, any playground; he is constantly asking to go to one; so that's what we did Saturday evening before supper.  Nice to have extra hands for Owen-holding...

Bob gets so excited when he sees that a playground has "dinosaur bones" to climb.

He's a really great climber; I had to race up to the top before he pushed himself right up and over.

Probably his favorite part of any playground is the steering wheel... the boy loves to drive.

Ben got to play the role of nervous supervisor while Bob leaned off the structure from ten feet up.  Bob is quite cautious and aware of what he can and can't do, not a very clumsy boy, but still... those little people are constantly trying to give their parents heart attacks.

Saturday night after pizza with Grandma and Grandpa David I dropped Ben off to hang with his pals and brought the babes to the hotel.  Owen pretty much slept, so Bob and I had a cute little hotel date night -- getting washed up...

(bubbs took quite a digger on the lambtown house front step)

drying our hair...

taking drives in the mini fridge (complete with electrical cord for seat belt)...

and getting lots and lots of emergency calls.

Eventually we somehow dropped off, and morning came way too soon.  Owen had gotten plenty of sleep and was awake at 5am, happy but doing his Tarzan yell on my right side, doing his darndest to wake up Bobby who was getting some much needed rest on my left.  So I took him out to walk for a couple of hours, until 7:45 when I dozed off just in time for Bobby to wake up just after 8.

We had some cute snuggling and getting ready time...

I asked Bob, what was your favorite thing about the hotel?  Without hesitation: the phone.

Owen at five months, in a hotel in Groton

Just for a fun comparison...

Bobby at seven months, at Beaches in Jamaica

Here's Owie again; I love that little baby swirl head, and the knuckle dimples... so yummy.

On Sunday we did lots of stuff that I didn't take pictures of...  We went to Ben's friend Andrew's house-- beautiful property with a cleverly hidden pool (behind the rock wall).

Bob had fun spraying water all over the place, but by this point he was ready to be heading home.

We made one last stop to meet up with friends.  Again, I took zero pictures.  I was pretty much ready to be on my way home, too.  And finally we were.  We survived.

(A side note: Lately when I say, "We'll survive," Bob says, "No, Mom.  We don't need to survive.  We just need to go to a playground."  Got it.)

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