Thursday, June 14, 2012

Susan's 30th at Good Harbor Beach

We returned to the North Shore this weekend for the first time since October.  It was so good to be back, see beloved faces, smell the ocean, feel the sand.

Reason for the trip: Susan's 30th!  Sunset party at Good Harbor Beach... what!?  Perfect.  The Burgesses are there.

This was Owen's first trip to the beach, and I'm sorry to say he experienced little of it.  This was our first time beaching it with two kids, so I'll give myself a break here.  Also it was a much needed reunion with friends, so Owen please forgive me for trying to chat instead of dipping your little feet in the salty foam.  Next time you'll get a real introduction to the sea.  I promise.

Decided to share the photos slideshow style because there are just too many.  Sorry the faces that attended are represented so disproportionately... lots of the time I was busy with babies and I'd say that's a good enough excuse.

Chose the song because Bob and I have been into rocking out to THIS with our toy instruments for the past couple days; plus it's number one on the iTunes charts right now, so -- relevant?

Forgive me and enjoy.

(I think the quality of the video improves after youtube finishes processing, right?  Hope so.)

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  1. You are amazing, love it!!!this is so nice to have!that jam is hot btw!!


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