Friday, February 8, 2013

Family stuff to do in L.A. -- bike ride on the strand

Where the heck have you been, Ang!?  I know that's what you're saying.  Well, I'll tell you: watching Survivor, that's where.  A few seasons were added to Hulu plus recently, and Ben and I have been spending every evening watching (season 21 I think) during what would normally be my bloggy blog time after the pups are in bed.  That show's addicting, I tell ya, and very interesting if you ask me.  Someday -- once my babies are grown -- I'm gonna go win myself a million bucks.  Anyway...

Ok, California feels like a LONG time ago now, and lots has happened since, but it's been lots of regular boring stuff and I haven't even plugged in my camera to upload photos in weeks, so here you have it: a bike ride on the beach, our favorite.  We've done it every time we've been to CA together.  {last time}

 we stopped to swing and play in the sand; we walked down the pier to check out the tiny aquarium (which was closed, but no matter: the shark was outside anyway); poor Owen fall asleep face down in the bike seat; Ben swam and I wasn't cool or crazy enough to do it, didn't even consider it for a second in fact.  But, the upside to chilly temps: no crowds.  Then again, crowds can be fun too.

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  1. It looks like it was a perfect day! During Nemo is a good time to be reflecting on this trip :) The kids look adorbs Ang, and I love the pic where we can see your reflection snapping the picture of Bobby. Multitasking Mama!


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