Thursday, February 28, 2013

sleepy guy

Oh, this boy.  He wants so badly to keep up with his big bro.  He quit his morning nap at what?  Five months or something ridiculous like that?  Bob will nap for three or four hours in the afternoon.  Owen?  Two, tops.  Both at naptime and bedtime, it's easiest to put Bob down first because if brother is awake, Owie Bowie fights sleep hard.  If Bro-ie is asleep though, usually a piece of cake.

Some days, as hard as he tries, poor second child just cannot make it to nap time.

If he doesn't pass out at lunch or in the car, I normally nurse him to sleep on my bed, then move him to his crib.  (Yeah, he was spoiled by this arrangement early on.)

If he doesn't go right to sleep I put him in his crib to whimper it out (we don't do cry it out) and he'll often fall asleep on his own.  But not usually like this, poor thing...

Oh, this boy.  What a precious little slice of heaven he is.

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  1. oh goodness, these crazy sleeping positions are hilarious! and also, my favorite type of pictures of Behr to capture...the ones that will bring laughter tears later in life!


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