Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"better late than never"

That's the old adage we're forced to adopt around here with regard to spring, I guess.  But now, at last, it's here; we've just enjoyed our first two warm days since October, and we're all twitterpated.  I was saying to Bob how much I love summer and he said, "But not as much as you love me and Wooden and Maisy and Dad!"  I quickly agreed aloud but inside I was taken aback; what if I had to choose between my family and the promise of summer?  Faced with endless winter, I might just have to find a new family... but shhh don't tell them that.  Since this is entirely hypothetical I can confidently say: of course I love my family more than summer.

Afraid to show insufficient appreciation, we spent the entire first warm day outside soaking it up -- we were out by 8:30 and didn't spend more than an hour indoors before dinner.  We took two walks to the mailbox, ate two sets of ice cream cones (morning and afternoon, because we're just so happy it's ice cream season), found a wooly wooly bear, had our second (and much more enjoyable) picnic lunch of the year, blew bubbles, rode bikes, fixed up the tree fort in the woods, drew with sidewalk chalk, visited the neighbors, flew our kite.  Maisy Lou likes to ride in the stroller, but she really loves to crawl around in the mud and grass, checking out leaves and searching for dirty snow piles to eat.  She was chasing Bob all around the yard trying to get his baby doll as he was trying to keep it away from her.  We're going to have one dirty baby around here until this girl learns how to walk!

Photos from our first warm day, a good day...

Happy spring!

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