Friday, April 10, 2015

emmy {1}

After all that, there doesn't seem to be much need for words!  Sweet Emmy is the daughter of an end-of-college/post-college roommate and dear dear love of mine, Yorgos, and she just turned one.  Her mama Erica is a super talented florist and put on a really sweet party {see detail photos here on Erica's site}.  There was so much food that Erica filled doggie bags for my kids... that last shot of her is one Bob took while waiting for his goodies.

Emmy is about seven weeks older than Maisy and this was their second play date; I like to think they'll be great friends one day.  Maisy received a very informative stair climbing lesson, "a tiny person like me can do that!" being the main information transmitted, I think... enough to inspire her up onto the first step.

Bobby and Owen both fell in love with Emmy upon first sight, as they do with every little girl; Bobby promptly renamed his baby doll after her.

Emmy, thank you so much for having us at your party!  We love you!

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