Thursday, April 2, 2015

red hook love

Last month we went out to Red Hook to spend a night with Cass and Kara and Lincoln and Shea (our BFFs and second family).  The boys think Lincoln is hilarious (because he is) and they both fell equally in love with Shea now that she is less of a baby and more of a little girl.  On our drive home, this exact conversation ensued:
Bob: "Mom, I want to tell you something; I bet Shea misses everyone right now.  And I miss her."
Owen: "And I miss her too, and -- she's my very best friend.  And this -- " (pointing to Maisy) "is my beautiful puppy."
Maisy, she had a blast following Shea around and playing with all the toys -- guys, guys of every size, a little person's delight.
Ten months, two teeth, one hand, and this girl could not be any happier or cuter.
I was uploading these photos and Bob climbed up on my lap to admire the sweet Maisy Lou.  I asked him if he wanted to write my blog for me and he said yes...
Maisy was very cute at Lincoln's house.  Wooden loved to play with the ninja turtles there.  He had Raphael and Michaelangelo.  And I had Donatello and Raphael.  Because there was two Raphaels there.  And Maisy was the cutest of all.  And Shea was just a tiny bit lower for the cuteness because Maisy Loutie is the cutest of all.  And Lincoln was very funny.

 This girl is stinkin cute.  It's no wonder Wooden was in love.
 Trying to get a group photo, waiting for Bob...
 He finally agreed to let his body participate, just not his face.
 Not sure whether this expression (below) immediately followed that kiss (above).
More Red Hook weekends {here} and {here} and probably elsewhere.
We shall miss you until we see you again, loves.

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