Thursday, April 30, 2015

quick-like before april is gone

My goal was to write eight blogs this month -- I know, lofty considering my track record so far this year and obviously not gonna happen, people.

But, I'm telling myself, you can turn four into five if you just go for it right now and write something.  Don't put off writing for one more day just do it.

So, what's going on round here...?

Well, you may have heard a rumor about how my flip phone got killed.  It was a significant day because for every bad thing I've said about smartphones and every time I've announced how cool my flip phone made me, the day I actually joined the twenty first century was bound to be a significant day.  Actually it was the next day when I sauntered into the Verizon store and demanded my very own iPhone (or something along those lines).  And I am not proud to say that I was 100% addicted the moment my new golden device touched my palm.  I don't think I have touched my real camera once since then, and I don't even know what my kids look like in 3D anymore because I only see them on a screen.  It's so dang pretty and I'm pretty much in love.

Now I'm instagrammin' (probably a little too much -- what are the rules??) as you may have seen over there on the right somewhere.  I've also got a new little gig working with Sally Lloyd-Jones (yeppers, the author!) doing all sorts of new fancy things like tweeting which I am most certainly still trying to get a handle on.

So yeah, I'm basically a whole new person  since I last wrote.

I haven't really the time before April ends to export and upload photos and all that business, but you can follow me on instagram to see what we've been up to.

And I can leave you with this -- a link to Sally's site -- because if you don't own the Jesus Storybook Bible and Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing, well you really should.  And I'm not just saying that because we're besties.

G'night + happy May!

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