Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Cummington Fair

On Saturday my boys and I went to the Cummington Fair with my mom and Bailey.  When I was a kid my mother used to make us watch the oxen pulls and tractor pulls until the trophies were all given out (or whatever).  We'd be there after midnight, stretched out on the stands half asleep.  Now that I'm a grown up I can leave the fair when I'm ready... which was quite a bit earlier than that.  We had a great time though.

Here are some of my favorite animal faces from the many we saw that day:

This is a "Zedonk" -- half zebra, half donkey:

Sixteen day old goat.  So so cute.

And, of course, some pictures of two of my favorite cutie faces...

I had a fun conversation with a cute little old lady about this orchid; we were both standing there staring at it and noticed each other and talked about how it almost didn't look real.  A little later we crossed paths again a photograph.  She was looking at a picture of a carnival ride, trying to figure out what it was, saying to her husband (I suppose), "It's a bug.  What's that he's eating?"  I told her it was a carnival ride, like one of the ones outside, and she either didn't understand or didn't believe me.

But anyway, isn't the orchid gorgeous?

Things not pictured:

  • Countless other cows and sheep and goats and pigs and bunnies and such
  • A barn full of produce and quilts and honey and other goodies
  • Delicious cheesesteak subs
  • Bobby's first taste of italian ice (which I would not have fed to him except the man at the fried cheesecake stand gave me a free spoonful for him, and I didn't want to be rude or sound stuck up by saying, "actually my baby doesn't need to eat that," so I gave it to him. his lips turned red and blue, but other than that, no harm done.)
  • A really lame circus act
  • Carnival rides and games, including one we tried thrice and lost every time
  • Lots of tractors (trust me, I would have been all over the tractor photo ops had Bob been awake for that part of the fairground tour)
I love fairs.  I love summer.  I love family time.  Up next: Mason is seven!

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