Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tiny Gram's 70th birthday party

Dear bloggy-blog,

Today was so exciting and adorable and scary and wonderful!

Bobby cut his itty bitty finger and buckets of blood poured out and it was dripping down my chest and on my toe and he cried and it was so sad I almost died!

Then later Bobby started screaming when he saw me holding my cousin's baby.  I thought it was so so super cute but my daddy made fun of him for being a mama's boy...

Those are some of the highlights of my Aunt Trisha's impression of me blogging after my grandmother's 70th birthday party.  Her mockery pretty much covered the main events, so I'll just provide a couple pics of the cute people in attendance:

This is my cousin Mary Jo's son Damien.  So, he is Bob's... what?  First cousin once removed?  Help me.

That's Mary Jo's daughter Savannah with Bailey.

Traffic on the pike made us miss most of the party, so that's all I've got.

I love you, aunties and grandma.  I'd totally make fun of me too.

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