Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spending time with my two favorite Apples and one little appletooth

This post is beating out Thanksgiving because that's just how happy I am to have seen these three faces on Saturday.

It's funny how life goes in stages -- different phases filled with different faces.  I've never been very good at "keeping in touch" I guess, but nowadays with our cell phones and facebook and this blog we can stay somewhat connected without keeping in touch at all.  Pity or blessing?  Whatever -- that's not my point anyway.

There are some people you can go without seeing for ages, yet you think of them fondly and when you dream of reuniting, you imagine yourself wrapping your arms around their necks and giving them awkwardly long hugs, and then when the reunion finally occurs, that's exactly what you do.  And now we're finding my point: these two apples (Mallory on the left, Bailey on the right) fit snugly in that category for me.  It was awesome to spend a little time with these two great friends of mine from the Pittsfield region of life and to meet Cohen, Mal's little offspring.

Cohen was all about having his photo taken.  Or, staring into my camera lens...

... then he chose this pose by the window:

How flippin cute is he?  Bob got a little jealous, I suppose.

Puzzle time!  Full disclosure: these photos of the boys playing nicely side by side are not all that indicative of how their socialization actually went.  More often, Cohen was taking his toys away and Bob was being a cry baby.  Sorry, guys, but I can't lie.

I think they had some good times, though.  Like during their drink break for instance.

We smiled, we laughed, some of us cried...  So so fun.  I vow to see these three again sooner rather than later.

And can I just say: this picture makes my heart really happy.

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