Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bob's bedroom: before and after

Our move a couple of months ago did a number on Bobby's sleeping habits.  Being in an unfamiliar place understandably put him a little out of sorts, and staying in our room for a few weeks didn't do much for his nighttime independence.  To make him feel good about moving back into his own room, we wanted to make it really cute and comforting for him, so we converted Grandma Kay's dressing room into a special place for Bob.

I took pictures of the "before" mostly just so we could put everything back exactly as it was come spring, but since I've got 'em, we may as well compare, if only so that one day our darling son will have another bit of proof of how very much we want him to feel happy and loved.



Family photos, beautiful quilts (handmade by my Tiny Gram, Auntie Tricia and Auntie Claire), and lots of buddies and "softs" make it perfect; Bobby LOVES his new room.  It's tricky to get him settled down for a nap or bedtime because he's too in love with all of his friends scattered around, but once he's in his crib he realizes that he really likes it in there, too, and he's all set.

He's obsessed with climbing up on Grandma Kay's stool to "ohhhh" and "ooooh" and "heeey" over how adorable he and Bailey and his bear and frog are.

And both of us have been getting a lot more sleep lately, which is definitely a good thing.

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