Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bob's Christmas present

(Bob doesn't read my blog, so don't worry -- I can write about this.)

I really wanted to make Bobby's big Christmas present this year.  I figured: avoid the corporate trap and pour my time and love into the gift instead of my money.  (Little did I know how MUCH time I would end up pouring into it; I'm way too much of a perfectionist about this and I just can't seem to stop.  I have to remind myself constantly that I'm making this for a one year old and Bob could not care less about my paint job.)

The concept, simple: a cardboard house.  Covered and filled with colors and shapes and animals and letters and everything Bobby loves.  (I returned the evenflo car seat but kept the box to use for my project. Please don't tell on me.  The customer service lady didn't even question it because she was too distracted by my beautiful son.)

First step: tape the boxes together.  I used both duct tape and packing tape; I don't know why.  Seems like I should have known that packing tape would be far superior seeing as how cardboard boxes are what it's designed for.  The duct tape was almost worthless.

Second step: cut holes in the boxes.

Third step: let son test it out.

Next comes the painting and stickering.

I'm not quite done; still have to decorate the inside with all that crap on the ground.  But I'm pretty excited about it.  Ben half of the time thinks I'm nuts and the other half thinks it's awesome.... hopefully Bob will be happy!

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