Friday, October 19, 2012

stuff bob needs/wants for his birthday

I've had several inquiries from the family about what Bob would like for his birthday and Christmas, so for everyone's gift shopping convenience I'm posting a little list here.  If you're not planning on purchasing Bob a present anytime soon, you can stop reading.  Or maybe you need ideas for the 3 year old boy in your own life, in which case -- read on!

Clothing... He's finally outgrowing his 2T shirts and could use a supply of 3T (don't buy a size up because he won't wear them for a year, he's a shrimp!).  He also needs some 3T jammies... but not the fleece one piece footie jammies because he still fits in his, and he won't wear them these days anyway.  I think he's pretty much all set as far as pants go.

Helmets.  The boy is obsessed with helmets.  We have four fireman helmets, two batting helmets, and one bicycle helmet... so anything other than those would be awesome.

A dinosaur book.  Ideally it would say "Dinosaur Book" right on the cover, and have pictures of dino skeletons inside.

Other books.  We could always use a few fresh picks.  Right now his favorites are spooky -- Scooby Doo Adventures is his current #1.

Random one: a toy microphone.

Building blocks.  I'd love a nice set.  (And I think Bob would enjoy them too.)  Something with no choking hazard sized pieces would be great.

We've hit a bit of a plateau with our Spanish learning.  I've heard good things about Little Pim so maybe that would be helpful.  Or, just simple children's books in Spanish are good.

Toy cars/trucks.  He likes these, but in order for them to interest him for more than a minute they should have doors that open and close and a guy that sits in the seat without falling over.  He can open and close doors and put guys in and out forever.

Last year Aunt Carol got him a Bruder fire engine and I'd call it Bob's most-played-with toy of all time. At first I thought, this is one expensive truck!, but the Bruder brand is great because the toys are so realistic they keep little pup occupied for hours on end.  He'd love an ambulance but I don't know if they make one...

KidKraft Everyday Heroes Police & Fire Set -- saw it on Zulily but it's sold out there.  Also found it here.  Bob would die for this thing -- a motorcycle, fire truck, helicopter, guys, a dog, a fireman pole!  I can just see him; the pretend play would never end.  He saw me looking at it the other day, and when I asked him a little while ago what he wanted for his birthday he said, "That fire set!  With the policeman and the super police motorcycle that he can ride around and just zoom into that spot he saw!"  All that from a glance at this tiny picture.

Hope the list helps a little.

And I hope Bob gets some great toys for his birthday to take his mind off the fact that suckie is going away forever.  (Plan is to fly the pacifier away with balloons, then float a cake down from the sky.  Yeah, I'm still working on logistics.  Bob has so far been on board, but then a little while ago he said, "But suckie's gonna eat cake too."  Hmmm...)

Love you all.

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