Monday, November 26, 2012

Owie's first dinner out

On Wednesday we went to the Chinese buffet for dinner.  We generally avoid restaurants with two babies, but I'd had a root vegetable gratin failure the night before and I wasn't even thinking of cooking.  Bob's always all in for it: "Um, oh yes, I would love to go to Dwand Buffet!" and he's super cooperative getting out the door (which isn't always or often the case).

Anyway, Owie got to have his first sit at the table and eat real food at a restaurant experience.  He was perfect and had a dwand old time.

PS.  We've been decorating and rocking the Christmas music around here.  So far this year I'm loving Scotty McCreery's album and Cee Lo's.  And I always love Sufjan Stevens.  How about you?  Do you know about Spotify yet?  You can listen to anything you can imagine, for free.  The bomb.  And speaking of which, one last thing: I took Bob to pee the other night before I went to bed and he didn't say a word until I tucked him back in and he mumbled, "Mommy, you are the bomb."  I tell ya, these middle of the night bathroom trips are some precious times.

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