Thursday, November 29, 2012


Holidays are tricky when you have a large-ish family and everyone is divorced.  I wish I could see everyone at every occasion every year but that's just plain impossible.  It's hard not to feel guilt and self doubt about the choices we make, but we try to roll with the punches and accept what comes.

Last Thanksgiving we went to Tiny Gram's.  I don't believe I ever posted any photos because Gram passed shortly thereafter and I was... distracted and busy.  It was fun going back through these, seeing Bob as a little just turned two year old again.

Then we had our traditional Sunday after Thanksgiving dinner at Gram's.

This year, we went to Pop Pop's on Thanksgiving Day...

And for our Sunday after Thanksgiving tradition, I took matters into my own hands and cooked my first turkey.  And all the fixins.  Pretty sure I took almost no photos because I was too busy cooking and hostessing.  I accidentally roasted the bird upside down (wasn't sure which way it went and I thought it looked better on its belly) but it turned out nice and juicy, so... maybe that's how I'll do it forever.  Sometimes we've got to make our own traditions.

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