Friday, July 9, 2010

Dear Bobby, you're 8 months old

Dear Bobby,

You are (almost) eight months old.  Tonight is July 5th, Monday, the end of a three-day holiday weekend.  It's 10:00 PM, and you are here in the living room with us, jumping in your "jumpy-jumper" because you don't want to sleep.  Apparently all of our traveling and Independence Day celebrations are messing with your clock.  Or now that you've seen a couple sets of fireworks, you think you can stay up 'til 10:30 every night.

You're getting very tired now.  You are so cute when you get sleepy.  Sometimes you get whiny (like now), and sometimes you don't, because you're trying not to let on that you need to go to sleep.  You rub the backs of your little hands on your face when you're tired, and you grab something soft to cuddle to your face.  Sometimes you don't have anything soft around but you cuddle whatever you're holding anyway, like a spatula smushed into your face.

I think you'll be ready to sleep now; time to put you to bed.


It's now about 11:10 PM, July 8, and you are officially 8 months old.  I went into your room at exactly 11 o'clock to hold you for a bit.  You stirred a little when I picked you up, but you snuggled right back in to sleep on my shoulder.  It's very hot tonight and you smelled of sweet baby sweat.  Your tiny hand pinched onto my neck as you slept.

I thought about the night you were born and kissed you and told you that I love you, because I do -- oh SO much.  And then I laid you back down in your crib, and you rolled over onto your side to snuggle your sheep.


Today is the 9th.  You are eight months and a day.  You are playing in your room while I come and go, packing your things for a weekend trip.  I really want to finish this before we have to head out of town when Dad gets home from work...

A few notes on YOU lately:

1.  Shortly after learned to wave about a month ago, you also learned to clap.  The first time you did it you were very nonchalant -- staring off into the distance as you brought your hands slowly together several times.  When I said, "Great job! Clap, clap," and clapped my hands, you gave me a little smirk.  You mostly only clap when you feel the urge and ignore any requests for a performance.

2.  You still don't crawl, you scoot, using your legs to push and your arms to pull.  You do get up onto your knees occasionally, and you are starting to try to pull yourself up but you haven't quite accomplished it yet.

3.  You love flash cards (always have) and you are finally getting into reading books.  Up until recently you've only been interested in ripping them to pieces and slobbering all over them.  Now you'll actually sit and pay attention, but you are very particular about which books you allow.  These are some of your favorites, especially "Where's My Sweetie Pie?" (I forgot to include Happy Baby Colors, another fave).

4.  It's becoming nearly impossible to change your diaper because you squirm and roll over so much.

5.  You have a slight obsession with this little loose piece of carpet in your room.  You always try to pick it up, but alas, it's stuck.

7.  You love music, and you do a cute pelvic thrust dance.

8.  You LOVE water in every form.  Baths (except the getting clean part) are pretty much your favorite hobby.

9.  You have seven teeth -- four on top, three on bottom.

10.  You love the song Lovely Noise -- "Oh, what a lovely noise when we raise our voice to sing. I want to thank you Lord, You're the giver of all good things."  And as Dad says, you are our "good thing."  We love you, Robert Walker, and we're so glad you're you!

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