Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More from the great state of New York

I've been wanting to post some more photos from our trip out to Gramps and Kay's last weekend.  So, here they are...

View from the top of the hill, morning after camping:

Bobby felt very important sitting on the tractor:

Bailey lives to play fetch (hence Ben was his new best friend):

Gramps with the other two pups, Allie and Chubs:

Gramps and Kay got two pigs this year!  Here's Ben, Bob, and Novelyn checking them out:

And Gramps feeding them some slop:

They also got chickens, which are still little and cute:

This is Novelyn.  She's five and she is a trip.  Cute, smart, and oh so dramatic.

Here are Ben and Bob very interested in (and somewhat skeptical of?) something she has to say:

Allie on the sidelines watching all the action, as usual:

Ben takes Novelyn for a ride on the "toad" while Chubs herds them:

They're back, and Chubs is still at it:

Bob just being cute:

Shooting guns and riding the toad:

Bobby really not wanting to have his picture taken with Gramps and Kay:

And here's a good shot of Bubbs' current state of chub:

I guess that's it...  We cannot wait to get back to the farm at the end of the month.

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