Friday, September 10, 2010

Crane Beach, Ipswich, MA

On Labor Day we went to Crane Beach with some friends of ours that live in Ipswich.  The $20 parking charge for non-residents has deterred me in the past, but I've always wanted to go.  It's possibly the most famed beach on the North Shore.

Lucky Bob gets a short break from my constant photographing when there's another kid around.  This is Charlie.  He is awesome.  As you can see.

Those are not Charlie's trucks so I'm not sure why he's the one crying.

This is Charlie being an Indian-giver.  Poor Bobby deals with his first bully.  We'll have to work on the crying.

Crane Beach in early evening would be a gorgeous spot for photos if you weren't bald...

... or if your baby was willing to make anything other than his panting dog face and didn't have sand crusted snot in his nose.

And this could have been a great shot if someone's son wasn't so tired and husband so skeptical.

Crane Beach is quite a bit more crowded than Plum Island...

... but it sure is gorgeous nonetheless.

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  1. wait, crane's beach?! how did we not make this connection? I used to live in essex and crane's is my absolute favorite!


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