Friday, September 17, 2010

Wedding at Friendly Crossways, Harvard, MA

Last weekend Bob attended his second wedding.  Many thanks to Bonnie and Bryan for letting him crash the party.  The venue was lovely; I am a huge fan of outdoor weddings.  I didn't take many pics because it's not so easy to do so when you've got an increasingly curious ten month old to look after, but here are a few...

My two handsome guys waiting patiently for the ceremony to begin:

The peeps sitting in front of us:

The newlyweds:

Using up some energy in the restroom tent on a cool bench:

Loved all the lanterns in the big tent:

Bob amused himself with this tent stake and tether for a long while:

Geez, I look freakishly happy in this picture (and trust me, this wasn't the worst one), but thanks Susan for taking it for us.

And some fellow table-dwellers:

Sometime hereafter, we walked to the car so I could change clothes and swap my camera for the ERGO.  Changed Bob and plopped him in there, and I spent the rest of the reception walking around with him sleeping on my chest.  I carried him like that for over FOUR HOURS.  And I didn't even mind.  Way to go, ergo.  Since Bubbs was sleeping like a champ, we stayed LATE -- past 2 am.  We were the last ones hanging out at the bonfire, except for one large girl that insisted on loading the pit with more logs even though we insisted we were leaving immediately.  All in all, great time.  Made us feel just a little young and cool again.

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