Monday, September 13, 2010

Bradley Palmer State Park, Topsfield, MA

Last week Ben had a day off due to rain so we went for a spontaneous drive to Bradley Palmer State Park in Topsfield.  Somehow we lucked out and one of the entrances to the service roads running through the park was open.  And thus we were able to off-road the Jeep all through the park.  Oh man, you have no idea how much this thrilled me.  Probably the most serendipitous opportunity since my bucket truck incident back in July.  This is why I even have a Jeep: for topless (I mean Jeep only here) drives through uncharted (or at least unpaved) territories on beautiful days.

Next to one of the gated entrances to the Park which we came to from the inside was an old stone building that turned out to be a really cool spot for a photo shoot.

(I promise there were no DO NOT ENTER signs at the place we drove in.)

After we took another loop through the off-road trails, we parked and hiked a little.  Nothing too exciting.  I had been in the mood for a "river hike" but we never saw the river.

This is my new baby carrier -- the ERGO performance -- a birthday gift from my mother.  So far Bubbs and I are both into it.  I do a have happier-looking picture of Bob hanging out in there, but this one's better quality and I look slightly less like a big weirdo, so... you can let that tell you something about which photos I choose.

In this one I was pretending to be a baby-carrier model.  I might send this along to some agencies.

In this one I was honestly just relieved to be sitting on a log.

The morals of this story:
  1. Jeeps are awesome.
  2. Bobby is the cutest.
  3. Bradley Palmer is an amazing locale for a photo shoot if anyone's looking for one.

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