Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dear Bobby, you're 15 months old!

When I just went in to check on you (this was last night), you took your sucker out of your mouth, yawned, and put it back in -- all in your sleep.

Other little things about YOU, our little one year, three month old:

You're saying so much now; you copy just about everything.

You are learning the alphabet; you can say most of the letters and are starting to put them in order; the best I've heard you do so far was "A, B, C, D."  Same with counting; I've heard you say "one, two, three," on your own, and you're pretty good at filling in some of the other numbers going up to ten.

You do super cute impressions of a squirrel and a prairie dog.

Our favorite saying of yours currently is "poo-pah" which means "poop in the potty."

You are the ultimate mama's boy.  Which for now, is fine, and cute, and makes me feel loved -- but you're going to have to grow out of this someday!  You love to help me cook, especially stir, and to avoid your whining I pretty much have to hold you and let you "help" the entire time.

You have finally over the past month started sleeping through the night!  And we're working on weaning: we're down to just one nursing first thing in the morning (and an occasional snack in the middle of the night).

You love to read and play ball and try to break our cell phones and climb the stairs and snuggle your blankie and watch your "read show" and take all of my little lotion bottles and chapsticks out of the little basket they're in and then put them all back again.

You love to eat just about everything, but especially eggs, tomatoes, bananas, cheese, pears, oranges, and "snacks."

Here you are on the day you turned 15 months old!

We love you, little man!!

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