Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shoe shopping at Target {the best shopping trip of Bob's life so far}

We stopped at Target the other day so that I could look for new slippers.  Didn't find any that I fancied.

But I did find a pair of boy snow boots on clearance that almost fit but were a little bit huge on Bob.  We let him try them on and waltz the isles.

This was the first time we've been to Target out here; we usually choose Wal-Mart because I'm quite sure it's cheaper.  This place was completely deserted.  It felt like exclusive private shopping for the upper class.

And so, thanks to the lack of persons around us and the need to test out the potential six dollar new boot purchase, Bob was for the first time given free reign over a store.  No riding in the cart, no being carried, just walking around like a little human.  We even let him navigate for a while, until it became clear that he was never going to lead us to the registers.

When I was buckling him into his car seat afterward, I asked him, "Was that fun, Bob?"  He looked up at me with the biggest smile and said "fun" and for the first time it was clear that he wasn't just repeating the word but he really meant "FUN!" -- like "Yes, Mom, that was the best, funnest shopping trip of my entire life!"

I LOVE those moments.

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