Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend at Rokeby

We took a little trip last weekend to hang out with friends -- Cass, Kara, Marissa and Lincoln.  Ben and I had a great time.  Bob had an okay time.

Lincoln is about three months younger than Bobby.

He's a doll, as you can see.  The whole weekend he was so happy and friendly and all he wanted to do was be buddies with Bob -- hug him and climb on him and grab his face.  And Bob was completely mortified.

I'm not sure what Bobby's deal is, but lately he's been a total crybaby around other tiny people who try to touch him.  He was on edge pretty much the whole time, always on the lookout for the little monster.

Here he's just gotten over the most recent attack with the help of the keyboard, which he is keenly keeping between himself and that slobbery tongue.

I took tons of photos of Lincoln just playing around because he's just too darn cute not to.

And of course I didn't ignore poor Bob...

He did very much enjoy playing with Lincoln's toys, even if he didn't so much enjoy playing with Lincoln...

He'd much rather be friends with the dog.

We bundled up the boys to play outside despite the five degree forecast.

We all had an awesome time sledding.  The conditions were perfect.  Later on when we were rescuing Jakes from being stuck in the snow, Ben rode on this sled behind the car holding onto a shovel while Kara held the other end sitting in the back of Jakes' hatchback.  Omhygosh it was crazy and I am totally jealous that I didn't get a chance to try it.

Lincoln tried to lean closer to Bob, while Bob tried to lean farther away.

Since there was tons of snow to hold the pups in place, we put them up in the tree fort just so they could be super cool.

This is pretty much my favorite photo from the weekend, of Aunt Chicken and her little Bugaboo.

Then we returned inside to warm up and play.

Bob had some cherished alone time with Linc's toys while the monster napped.

A love this chair, as you'll see...

This is the closest the boys came to playing together...

(Ben's nice and sweaty above from going nuts playing Just Dance 2.)

Jakes drove up to visit and the only pic I got of her was one I snapped after she fell asleep (above).

Sunday morning... Lincoln plays happily with two balls which were very recently in Bob's possession...

... and Bob covets.  Look at that face and the clenched fingers...

Lincoln wants some goodbye love.  "No, I will not hug that terror."

Marissa and her baby boy:

And I leave you with some Bobbert cuteness.

I love you, little cry baby.

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  1. You do a great job photographing my grandson. Keep up the good work.


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